CampaignBrite, LLC is a boutique grant writing consulting firm based in Hood River, Oregon. We specialize in grant research, grant scheduling and strategy, grant writing and grant life cycle management.

Grant Writing Services for Nonprofits

  • Project Funding Strategy: Identifying the right set of funders and grants to fully fund your project. What is a Funding Strategy?
  • Grant Writing: Attention to detail and focus on best chance of success for your nonprofit. Read more about CampaignBrite Grant Writing Services
  • Report Writing: … Is about as much fun as doing taxes, right? You have your accountant do your taxes, let CampaignBrite take report writing off your hands too!

Bonnie Walker, CampaignBrite owner and lead grant writer, has over 20 years combined experience in web development, nonprofit fundraising, education, performing arts, as well as health & wellness and veterans affairs.

We know our way around the technical aspects of nonprofit grant writing and development. We can help you with all of the tasks you need to do, but never seem to get around to!

Introducing CampaignBrite Glimmers™!

CampaignBrite Glimmers™ is a Grant Lifecycle Management System developed by CampaignBrite for our team and our nonprofit clients! Check it out today!

Stop struggling with your grant research, funding strategy, grant writing, and grant life cycle management!

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