About Bonnie

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed.
WordPress Web Developer
Grant Writer & Funding Specialist
Owner & Founder: CampaignBrite, LLC
Bend, Oregon USA

Bonnie has over 25 years’ experience in technology, small business, education and nonprofit fundraising.

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed., Grant Writer, WordPress Web Developer, Bend, Oregon

While raising a special needs child and caring for her disabled veteran dad, Bonnie chose to work from home as a web developer and to work with the WordPress open source content management system. The open source community gave her a team to work with so that she could focus on serving her clients’ needs while still caring for her family. She also created the “Web Baby Shower” online baby shower service on the WordPress multisite platform. Bonnie is a full stack WordPress web developer and recommends the platform for small – medium, and even some large, nonprofit organizations.

After selling her web development business in 2017, she started writing grants and running online fundraising events for nonprofits as a volunteer board member in 2017 and then professionally in 2020.

Bonnie enjoys using her expertise in education, technology, the performing arts, and veterans affairs, along with her success as a small business owner and tech entrepreneur, to help nonprofits get the funds they need to make change happen in their communities. That can be by writing grants, developing a project funding strategy, resuscitating a neglected website or running an online fundraiser.

Bonnie founded CampaignBrite, LLC during the COVID19 Pandemic so that she could more effectively help nonprofits get the funding they needed during the extended Shelter In Place orders. It also became very apparent that many nonprofits’ “pro bono” and other web hosting arrangements were evaporating or becoming very badly neglected during the extended economic turmoil. While her primary focus is in grant writing, she can also be called upon to rescue your website and run your online fundraiser from concept to direct deposit into your nonprofit bank account!

When she’s not writing code or writing grants at a computer, Bonnie enjoys spending time in the great outdoors of Central Oregon where she lives with her family.

If you need technical assistance for your nonprofit development team, contact Bonnie today!