About Bonnie

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed.
Grant Writer & Funding Specialist
Owner & Founder: CampaignBrite, LLC
Bend, Oregon USA

Bonnie began her grant writing career while serving on the Board of Directors for a non-profit charter school.

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed., Grant Writer in Bend, Oregon

Before she was on the board, the school had hired a professional grant writer and not won any grants, so Bonnie took over contacting the foundations to find out why. As a result of her research, she re-wrote one of the grants to focus on scholarships for the after school program for working families in need of child care. She didn’t win the first grant she ever wrote, but she got the school from getting the door slammed in their face to “you were so close, please apply again during our next cycle”. So, that was enough of a win that she was immediately hooked!

After selling her web development business (yes, she’s also a successful tech entrepreneur!) and winding down her yoga teaching hobby, she started writing grants for other non-profits who were just getting off the ground.

Bonnie enjoys using her expertise in education, technology, the performing arts, and veterans affairs, along with her success as a small business owner and tech entrepreneur, to help non-profits get the funds they need to make change happen in their communities.

Bonnie founded CampaignBrite, LLC during the COVID19 Pandemic so that she could more effectively help nonprofits get the funding they needed during the extended Shelter In Place orders.

When she’s not writing away at a computer, enjoying a nice cup of tea, or on a yoga mat, Bonnie enjoys spending time in the great outdoors of Central Oregon where she lives with her family.

If you need help developing a funding strategy and with writing grants, contact Bonnie today!