At CampaignBrite, we believe that grant writers are community change makers. When we help nonprofits fund projects in pursuit of their own missions, we have the power to create positive change for everyone with fully funded projects!

Campaign: verb “work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, in this case, a social one.”

Brite: adj “non-standard spelling of the adjective with various senses having to do with (1) fullness of light, (2) promise and hope, (3) happiness, and (4) Intelligence.

CampaignBrite’s mission is to help progressive nonprofits win the grant funding they need with well written grant applications positioned for the best chance of success.

Our vision is to bring about positive social change in our communities and to help improve people’s lives through fully funded community nonprofits.

CampaignBrite also understands that a lot needs to happen before a nonprofit is well-positioned for grant writing. That is why we also offer an array of nonprofit development technical consulting services!

Stop struggling with grant writing and nonprofit development! Contact CampaignBrite today!