Campaign: verb “work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, in this case, a social one.”

Brite: adj “non-standard spelling of the adjective with various senses having to do with (1) fullness of light, (2) promise and hope, (3) happiness, and (4) Intelligence.

What is Nonprofit Development Technical Assistance?

The Development Department of a nonprofit organization is usually responsible for generating funding in order to operate the organization and fulfill its mission.

Most Development Directors and staff are tasked with huge responsibilities and not a lot of time for one person to accomplish them. And some of them can get really technical and complicated.

That’s where CampaignBrite comes in!

CampaignBrite is your one-stop shop for Development Technical Assistance including:

  • Grant Writing & Funding Strategy
  • Web Development & Basic IT Consulting
  • Organizing and Managing Online Fundraisers

CampaignBrite was founded by Bonnie Walker, M.Ed, in 2020 during the COVID19 Pandemic Crisis! Nonprofits were stuck in the mud having to cancel in-person fundraisers, grant writing became almost the sole means of funding a nonprofit and online communication was paramount.

Fortunately, Bonnie had 20+ years experience as a web developer, small business owner, chronic volunteer, and was already in the process of adding grant writing as the latest skill to her repertoire.

You can read more about Bonnie here.

Or, get in touch and find out how easy it is to work with CampaignBrite!