Affordable Websites for Nonprofits

Affordable Websites for Nonprofit Organizations by CampaignBrite, LLC

CampaignBrite understands that small – medium sized nonprofits don’t always have a dedicated IT staff and that all nonprofits have extra fiscal responsibilities.

That’s why CampaignBrite recommends WordPress, an open source, free, content management system, for most of the nonprofits we work with.

There are many ways to host a website and what you really want is something that can grow with your nonprofit and be easily updatable by anyone — staff or volunteer, with web experience – or not!

That’s where WordPress comes in. The team that created and develops WordPress takes care of all of the regulatory stuff you’ve probably only vaguely heard of: Section 508 compliance, GDPR, CCPA and more. If your nonprofit receives federal funding, you definitely need Section 508 compliance even if you have no idea what that is! WordPress also curates themes that are responsive and work well on mobile as well as desktop and laptop computers. There are many plugins (that CampaignBrite can help you choose) to assist you with all of the online functionality your nonprofit needs. And WordPress is free! Free generally fits the nonprofit budget!

Hosting by SiteGround

CampaignBrite uses SiteGround to host our own WordPress website and we recommend it for our nonprofit clients. They have consistently reliable hosting and support staff. CampaignBrite recommends that you host your own website in your own SiteGround account. This way, you have direct access to SiteGround support when you need it. SiteGround offers many new client specials. Check out their website for their current deals — and get in touch with CampaignBrite to find out which one we recommend for your nonprofit.

The best part is, you can do all of this yourself — it’s really that easy and it will cost you as little as $80 and definitely under $500, depending on how long of a commitment you choose at SiteGround and what their current new customer specials are. WordPress is free — and SiteGround will even set it up for you! SiteGround also offers website transfer services; you can ask them for a quote.

If you would like our help, we are available to help at rates that are cost-effective for nonprofits. Contact CampaignBrite today.