COVID19 Online Fundraising Success Story

At the beginning of 2020, Central Oregon Veterans Ranch began preparing for their annual plant sale as usual. The Greenhouse Manager began starting seeds and COVR began soliciting donations of starter plants.

When the COVID19 Shelter In Place was suddenly announced in March, COVR was at risk of having to cancel the Annual Plant Sale and losing their investment of time and money in the starter plants.

Fortunately, CampaignBrite with our experience in web development, e-commerce and online fundraising knew exactly what to do. CampaignBrite helped COVR set up an online store through their Square account. We managed the social media campaign and ads that ran alongside a local news story about the plant sale. We also assisted the staff in navigating the Square online store features so that they could easily print orders to get them ready for pick up and track inventory online.

The online sale was greeted with robust support and engagement from the public. Despite the COVID19 hurdles, COVR recouped their investment in the starter plants, raised some money during a financial shut down, and got a great head start in converting their fundraising to online.

If you would also like our help to convert traditional fundraisers to online, contact CampaignBrite today!