What Is A Funding Strategy?

A funding strategy …

  • is a simple document that outlines what project development work still needs to be done, what grants to pursue and when.
  • helps mitigate against risks involved in grant writing. By putting in the upfront time to identify our best chance of success, we can more wisely expend resources
  • prevents us from chasing grants haphazardly and allows us to focus on actions that align with your organization’s long-term vision

Before writing grant applications, your organization needs to know which grant(s) to pursue. In this research phase, we look at any and all opportunities that could support your project or nonprofit organization. Sometimes, this results in a list as large as 250 grants!

So, we don’t stop there! We work that list down to a more manageable number by prioritizing the grants that present with the highest likelihood of success and return on investment.

If you are interested in developing a funding strategy for your nonprofit project, contact CampaignBrite today!