Introducing CampaignBrite GLIMMERS™!

CampaignBrite GLIMMERS™ is a Grant Lifecycle Management System developed by CampaignBrite for our team and our clients.

GLIMMERS demystifies the grant writing process by helping us base grant writing strategy on actionable data. CampaignBrite believes that the keys to winning grants are to meticulously check your eligibility for the grant and to chose grants based on financial data. GLIMMERS helps take the guesswork out of choosing grants and enables us to make data-driven choices.

Once we have chosen grants that are a good fit for your organization and project, GLIMMERS tracks the grant writing life cycle from rough draft, to submission, all the way to the final report! GLIMMERS eliminates the messy spreadsheets and the project management docs and PDFs that become outdated really quickly.

GLIMMERS helps everyone at CampaignBrite save hours of project management and funding strategy time — see how it can help you too!

GLIMMERS is available only to CampaignBrite’s clients or by invitation. Please contact: Bonnie Walker, Owner, at 541-788-0725,, or use the CampaignBrite contact form to get started!

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