Our Team of Talented Grant Writers

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed.
Lead Grant Writer & Funding Specialist
CampaignBrite Owner & Founder

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed., Grant Writer, WordPress Web Developer, Bend, Oregon

Bonnie is a versatile grant writer who enjoys working on projects from small to large. Her 20 years of experience in education, arts, wellness, business, technology and start-ups, in addition to her lived experience as a special needs mom and the primary care giver for her disabled veteran dad, lend to her expertise in writing successful grants for nonprofits of many types.

Life experience counts when it comes to being a versatile a grant writer. Bonnie has lived in many diverse places from large cities like New York and San Francisco, to suburban areas of Boston, Connecticut, and Silicon Valley, and rural areas on the Oregon coast and Central Oregon. She understands the unique challenges facing each type of community.

“I’ve always been a ‘hyphenate’. In college I majored in Math, minored in Dance and was President of the Debate Team. I have the passion and vision of an artist, critical thinking of a mathematician, tech savvy of a web developer and entrepreneur, and I can talk you into anything!” Bonnie is equally comfortable helping an artist create a video grant application as she is combing through the National Science Foundation’s 185 page “Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide.”

Bonnie enjoys using her professional expertise and lived experiences to help nonprofits get the funds they need to make change happen in their communities.

Lauren Juckniewitz
Grant Writer & Funding Specialist

Lauren Juckniewitz, Grant Writer

Lauren first and foremost is a storyteller. A storyteller with a passion for community, relationship, and providing opportunity for others to reach their fullest potential at any stage in life; to connect with their world and thrive. Professionally Lauren worked her way into grant writing first by working in nonprofits, as an educator and advocate. Initially, it was in these roles that she developed the foundational skills necessary to leverage her way into grant writing with the intention of increasing the scope of her impact.