Our Team of Talented Grant Writers

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed.
Lead Grant Writer & Funding Specialist
CampaignBrite Owner & Founder

Bonnie has over 25 years’ experience in technology, small business, education and nonprofit fundraising.

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed., Grant Writer, WordPress Web Developer, Bend, Oregon

After selling her web development business in 2017, she started writing grants and running online fundraising events for nonprofits as a volunteer board member in 2017 and then professionally in 2020.

Bonnie enjoys using her expertise in education, technology, the performing arts, and veterans affairs, along with her success as a small business owner and tech entrepreneur, to help nonprofits get the funds they need to make change happen in their communities.

As a technology professional who has worked exclusively with small businesses and tech startups her whole career, Bonnie also helps startups and technology innovators apply for non-dilutive, public funding.

Bonnie founded CampaignBrite, LLC during the COVID19 Pandemic so that she could more effectively help nonprofits get the funding they needed during the extended Shelter In Place orders.

When she’s not in front of a computer, Bonnie enjoys spending time in the great outdoors of Central Oregon where she lives with her family.

Anna Nelson
Grant Writer, Funding Specialist, Editor

Anna Nelson, Grant Writer, Editor

Anna Nelson is one of our skilled grant writers and researchers, and she also brings professional editing and proofreading skills to our team. She will make sure every detail of our grant application is accurate and written to the highest standards. Her career includes over 20 years in the engineering, science, and aviation fields. When you add to that her background in education and the outdoor industry, you’ll see why her diverse experience can help provide insight to almost any project. She has a passion for helping nonprofits and start-up businesses accomplish their goals and is excited to help bring success to your project.

Julia-Grace Sanders
Grant Writer, Funding Specialist, Journalist

Julia-Grace is a detailed, narrative-minded grant writer with a background in journalism. She believes the best grant applications tell meaningful stories that explore problems, present solutions and envision a more equitable, sustainable future. Through a strategized, forward-thinking approach, she helps build strong communities, fight for justice and ensure our natural world endures and is accessible to all.

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