CampaignBrite “DIY” Grant Writing Training & Internship Program

CampaignBrite Grant Writing Internship Program

The CampaignBrite DIY Grant Writing Training and Internship Program is designed to address inadequacies of “certificate of completion” grant writing training courses and bridge the gap to freelancing in the “real world” for new or new-to-freelancing grant writers. This is the hands-on experience they can’t teach in school — that’s why we need internships!


  • You must have your own laptop/desktop computer and private internet connection. You may not work from a library or other shared computer. CampaignBrite discourages using computer, internet access and other resources from another place of employment for this internship
  • Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced degree preferred
  • 3 – 5 years work experience (post-Bachelor’s) required


  • Design your own DIY “Learn To Write Grants” program to fit your own budget and professional development needs and goals
  • Get hands-on experience working with real grant writing projects, while being supervised by an independent freelance grant writer
  • An internship is a great way to get experience as a volunteer without risking being overworked by or having to “sunset” a first client. 
  • Personal Guidance from the CampaignBrite owner and lead grant writer on topics related to research, funding strategy, grant writing as an independent contractor, but also as a team, whether freelancing will work for you, how to transition, how to set up your freelance agency

Details & Possible Topics:

  • Approximately 5 hours per week (can vary according to your interests and availability)
  • Additional costs may apply if you choose to enroll in a 3rd party grant writing course as part of your “DIY” training
  • How to use Instrumentl for grant research
    • Setting Up A Project
    • Ruling In / Out from 200 -> 30
    • Ruling into a Funding Strategy
  • How to do grant research without a database
  • Prioritizing funding opportunities and creating a funding strategy
  • Professional Peer Review, Debriefing
  • Peer review vs. Final Check
  • Grant Application Preparation Stages:
    • Mockup through Final Check
    • How to jump in at any point and be useful
  • Using CampaignBrite’s own proprietary “GEMS” – GranteE Management System
  • Freelancing Concerns
    • Tracking Hours and Invoicing
    • Proposals and Estimates
    • Attracting the Best Clients
    • “Is freelancing right for me?” Guidance


  • Not an offer or guarantee of paid work or employment

If you are interested in starting a DIY Grant Writing training and unpaid internship with CampaignBrite, please contact Bonnie Walker, CampaignBrite Owner and Lead Grant Writer