Grant Writing & Nonprofit Resources

This page contains resources for Grant Writers, Aspiring Grant Writers and Nonprofit Organizations — including our network of freelance grant writers and consultants.

Resources for Grant Writers

CampaignBrite Professional Grant Writers Association

CampaignBrite Professional Grant Writers Association

A Facebook group for professional grant writers or people who write grants as part of their job. Read more about it here, or visit us on Facebook!

Resources for Aspiring Grant Writers

CampaignBrite Grant Writing DIY Training & Internship

If you are interested in learning to write grants and would like to get hands-on, real world grant writing experience, please check out the CampaignBrite Grant Writing Internship program!

Freelance Grant Writers & Consultants

We use a network of grant writing consultants so that we can pull together a “flash team” for larger scale grants. This allows us to serve nonprofit organizations on all projects from small to large, while keeping our business lean and agile. You are welcome to contact our freelance grant writing partners directly.

One Small Step Writing Services

One Small Step Writing Services

One Small Step Writing Services helps scientists, entrepreneurs, and self-published authors produce polished written content and win grant funding so they can focus on what they do best: change the world. We offer editing and proofreading services to ensure our clients publish credible content in all types of writing, be it a technical article for publication, a new small business plan, or a science-fiction novel. We are also skilled grant writers and experts at connecting scientific research projects, nonprofit organizations, and even new business ideas with the funding they need. With the experience, knowledge, and willingness to work on any variety of projects, our staff would love to help you achieve your goals! 

Goods of a Soul

Alexis Swenson is the owner of Goods of a Soul, a writing services shop offering grant writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, magazine writing, and more. Ultimately, Alexis appreciates collaborating with others to create more good in the world through compelling writing.

Wellspring Group Consulting, LLC

Wellspring Group Consulting is an Alaska-based consulting firm that focuses on community-based research, data-driven program evaluation, stakeholder engagement, as well as grant development and management. We work hand in hand with our clients in order to facilitate efforts that address issues of practical relevance to the community, feature reciprocal involvement from all parties, and are action-oriented. We are committed to enacting local visions of change through intentional and collaborative approaches to research and community development.

More Nonprofit and Fundraising Resources

  • ~ A resource for all nonprofit organizations in Oregon. CampaignBrite is a service provider member!
  • ~ Sometimes grant writing and private funding look like the same thing, but they are actually very different. Mary Valloni was recommended to CampaignBrite as a resource for private funding and telling the difference!
  • ~ Consulting for nonprofits during the start-up years
  • ~ Nonprofit humor by Vu Le — has me in stitches every time. I also end up learning something about nonprofit management every time too. Go figure!