Grant Writing Resources

Additional Freelance Grant Writers & Consultants

In addition to the core CampaignBrite team of grant writers, we work with freelance grant writers and consultants so that we can pull together a “flash team” for larger scale grants. This allows us to serve you on all projects from small to large, while keeping our business lean and agile. You are also welcome to contact our freelance grant writing partners directly.

Goods of a Soul

Alexis Swenson is the owner of Goods of a Soul, a writing services shop offering grant writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, magazine writing, and more. Ultimately, Alexis appreciates collaborating with others to create more good in the world through compelling writing.

Wellspring Group Consulting, LLC

Wellspring Group Consulting is an Alaska-based consulting firm that focuses on community-based research, data-driven program evaluation, stakeholder engagement, as well as grant development and management. We work hand in hand with our clients in order to facilitate efforts that address issues of practical relevance to the community, feature reciprocal involvement from all parties, and are action-oriented. We are committed to enacting local visions of change through intentional and collaborative approaches to research and community development.

How To Write A Grant

If you want to learn to write grants yourself, or improve your current skills, CampaignBrite highly recommends There are many ways to learn grant writing and we recommend our mentor and colleague, Meredith Noble and her team at Seneca Works. Because everyone is busy and everyone learns differently, Meredith has formatted her Learn Grant Writing materials in several formats:

You can also let us do the grant writing heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on your own mission! Contact CampaignBrite today!