Nonprofit Grant Writing

Every grant is unique! No two nonprofits are the same and neither are grants!

Grant Writing | Grant Writer | CampaignBrite, Bend Oregon

That is why CampaignBrite recommends starting with a funding strategy (what is a funding strategy?) to kick off funding your project funding and crafting a master plan so that each grant has the best chance of success.

Our lead grant writer, Bonnie Walker, has a Master’s Degree in Education, expertise in the performing arts and health & wellness, as well as experience with veterans affairs. She has founded and sold her own web development business and knows her way around business plans, funding strategies and implementation of all kinds!

CampaignBrite can help you with building a funding strategy all the way through to the last grant application and following up on initial denials and reporting.

Stop struggling with your funding strategy, grant research and grant writing. Get in touch with CampaignBrite today!