Online Fundraising

Online fundraising sure has taken on a whole new meaning during the 2020 COVID19 crisis! Nonprofits everywhere are cancelling their popular annual galas. Trying to convert them to an online version can be daunting.

Don’t Stop Fundraising

Early in the COVID19 crisis, CampaignBrite jumped in to help nonprofits convert in-person fundraisers to an online version. Making the switch helped them avoid losing the investments they had already made in supplies and materials. It also brought in some revenue during a very uncertain time. See: Success Story and Don’t Stop Fundraising Post

Online Fundraising Has Always Been A CampaignBrite Passion

Even before COVID19, CampaignBrite’s founder, Bonnie Walker raised money online for several nonprofits. As a professional web developer, Bonnie had a strong preference for online fundraising. She knows that people tend to buy (or give) more online, and buy (or give) more frequently online.

Annual Giving & Giving Tuesday Success

At CampaignBrite, we love grant writing and we also know that you can raise $1,000 a lot faster online than you can write a grant (let alone wait for the response). Sometimes $1,000 can make a huge difference to small and medium size nonprofits. In fact, during the COVID19 crisis, Bonnie successfully ran a last minute, impromptu “GivingTuesdayNow” campaign. Bonnie has also run a complete Giving Tuesday and Annual Campaign from start to finish.

Rinse & Repeat

CampaignBrite can help you streamline the process and make it replicable. You want anyone to be able to help you out now. And you want to able to do it again in the future, easily!

CampaignBrite can help coordinate your website, email marketing campaigns, online donor management and online fundraising pages to work harmoniously. We will also document how it all works so that anyone can pick it up and repeat — sooner than later!

Whether you need to:

  • Convert an annual gala to a posh Zoom affair
  • Get your GivingTuesday campaign underway
  • Set up an online shopping cart or a donations page

… Let CampaignBrite help get you off to the right start and keep it all working together!

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